Healthy Hero: Kathy Griffin

How long have you lived in St. Joseph County?

I moved to Three Rivers in May of 1990. I have lived in St. Joseph County for 26 years.

How do you incorporate fitness into your lifestyle?

Fitness i incorporated into my lifestyle on a daily basis. I currently teach fitness classes at Healthtrac and have been teaching classes for around 18 years now. Even on the days that I don't teach it is still a part of my daily routine. I love being outside and various activities, I enjoy all sports and being involved in fitness is just a part of my life and a habit for me. I also am usually training for some type of marathon or race that keeps me on track.

Who or What motivated you to be a wellness champion?

Dena Clark

What do you like to do with your free time in St. Joseph County?

I like to run, bike, kayak, play tennis, love my dogs and either walk them or play with them outside.

What kind of difference has a wellness regime made in your life?

Being involved with teaching classes and running I have developed some terrific friends that are a very positive influence in my life. In return I have tried to be a positive influence in others life by encouraging them to get active. It is amazing what a difference not only in ones quality of life but their overall attitude when they are active. If you ever go to a running event, sporting event, etc. there is so much friendly competition and encouragement amongst people it is very inspiring.

What advice would you have for others that are trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

WStart slow, don't try and change everything all at once. As far as exercising, I always tell everyone the hardest part is getting there, once you are there you have conquered the battle. Healthy lifestyles also include eating well - think about what you are doing to your body - there are so many preservatives and chemicals in the food processing, take the time to cook yourself and enjoy raw unprocessed foods, you will feel 100% better. And final advice is to find a friend if possible to take the journey with you and hold each other accountable.