Healthy Hero: Jody Alger

How long have you lived in St. Joseph County?

I moved to St. Joseph County in September 2013 to be with my beautiful wife Rachel (Krull) Alger.

How do you incorporate fitness into your lifestyle?

I have a very physically demanding job. The best thing I can do to perform to the best of my ability is to stay fit. My wife and I go to the Health Trac 3 days a week, or more. Our mornings start as early as 4:30 a.m. The military has trained me to get up early to exercise and I believe it’s better than a cup of coffee! Well, almost…. I do resistance training and then run while playing basketball. I’m also very active in adult Soccer leagues and play year round.

Who or What motivated you to be a wellness champion?

My motivation stemmed from my job in the U.S. Army. As a Combat Medic you have to be physically fit, and able to move the heaviest man in your platoon, by yourself. That man for me was SGT. Lewis. He was one of the strongest men I served with, and he carried with him a lot of muscle. I trained with SGT Lewis in the Army, daily. Sometimes, two times a day. He was a huge influence on my current fitness outlook.

Today however, my motivation has somewhat changed. My wife and the future of my family drives me to stay fit and healthy. Rachel and I push one another each and every day to stay active and and eat healthy. We feel that taking care of our bodies now will greatly benefit our future. I can truly say Rachel is my #1 motivator and motivation.

What do you like to do with your free time in St. Joseph County?

I am fortunate to have a wife that is also very active. We participate in many 5K’s together and really enjoy riding our bikes. The St. Joseph River provides us with beautiful scenery for kayaking and fishing. I competed in my first Sprint Triathlon this summer.

What kind of difference has a wellness regime made in your life?

The main difference a wellness regime has made in my life is how good it makes me feel to be active. I enjoy the outdoors and being active gets me outside and my blood flowing. I have met some very great people in my life at the gym, or playing sports. Those people continue to influence me in a positive way.

What advice would you have for others that are trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The options are endless when trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Continue to push yourself and results come in many different forms. Set achievable goals and stick to them. You are the best motivator when it comes to your own health.